nctm 2023

The 2023 NCTM Annual Meeting and Exposition was held in Washington D.C., October 25-28. The meeting was focused and built upon the following strands:

  • Uplifting and inspiring the mathematics educator

  • Creating inclusive, engaging, and rigorous mathematics for all

  • Challenging and advancing policy and structures in mathematics education

  • Expanding the narrative of who belongs

  • Improving core instruction through deeper mathematical content and pedagogical knowledge

  • New teacher strand

  • Equity strand

  • Presidents’ Series

  • NCTM Committee Session

  • New NCTM Publications

While there are many foundational strands represented I was struck by just how interwoven our work has become. The integration of these ideas was a critical component of the two women honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award, Joan Ferrini-Mundy and Betty Phillips. Joan Ferrinni-Mundy has led the way in integrating female voices into critical mathematics education spaces, focusing on equity and the foundational belief in access for all students. Betty Phillips has been a beacon in our community for the interaction between students and mathematics, developing and continuing to grow the Connected Mathematics Project, a middle school text widely used in Colorado. It was an honor to hear both of these amazing women speak about the journey and to remind us of a shared foundational why in education.

Sessions across the days featured teachers sharing about their classroom practices, movement in research and practices, inspirational messages to fan the flame of passion, and figures paving and shaping a pathway  forward. It was a true honor to share space with educators reflecting on our practices and determining next steps to engage and honor our students. Jamila Dugan spoke to our journey in equity and how to navigate away from traps and tropes, introducing her daughter to share her journey with mathematics; Steve Leinwand spoke to the movements in instruction and practice as a result of the Catalyzing Change book series and a call to action in high school mathematics; Melissa Boston and Amber Candela entered participants into the world of equity through tasks and student talk; and Dr. Raj Shah honed our curiosity for mathematics in the world around us.

Each day was filled with learning, doing mathematics, asking the tough questions, and building our future. It was humbling to share the work we are doing in Colorado around professional learning across the state, and honoring to engage with other states working with the Launch Years Initiative.

Colorado is looking forward to hosting this event in the future.

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