November 2023 Message from the Board

Written by AnnMarie Cunningham, CCTM Membership Chair

When you think of soap bubbles, what do they remind you of?  For me, soap bubbles remind me of geometry and my first experience with CCTM.  As an undergrad, a classmate and I presented about soap bubble geometry at a CCTM conference.  This was my first experience presenting to teachers and my first experience in a professional organization. 

Thinking back on this presentation, I was surprised that even me, as a preservice teacher, had something to share with others.  Years later, I presented a couple more times at the conference and encouraged some novice math teachers to present as well.  With every webinar, conference, book study, and learning institute, I have found every teacher, no matter what their background or experience, has something meaningful to share.  Each learning opportunity helps me to reflect on my teaching practices and motivates me to make improvements.

Since college, I have accumulated what I like to call my network of math teachers.  I’m sure you have one, too.  These are people in your department and in your district.  Maybe some are people you met in graduate school.  Others in your network have been your mentor and some you have mentored.  Consider all the support and knowledge you have received from this community of teachers.  CCTM took my somewhat small network and made it so much bigger.  Over my career, I have called on my network when I needed to job shadow a math coach when I was considering a role change with my district.  Sometimes I have asked curriculum facilitators about their experience with different resources.  I have collaborated with others on projects and presentations.  Many times, I call or email because I want to know about a great project or lesson they do successfully in their classrooms.  I think I have become a better math teacher, student, and mentor because of my interactions with other members of my network.

Of the teachers in your network, who would you classify as exceptional…the ones who are innovative, motivating, caring, knowledgeable, and inspiring?  If I were to ask you to choose one because they are passionate about teaching mathematics, who comes to mind?  These are the teachers who lead, support, and motivate others.  These are the teachers we wish everyone had in their network because they have had a profound influence on other teachers and on their students.  I wish these teachers knew how much we all appreciate them.  We recognize that they go above and beyond.   

All of us have something to share with other math teachers (even soap bubble geometry).  If you know of an outstanding teacher or a team of teachers who CCTM should spotlight, please let us know here.  If you’re not a member yet, please join.  We would love for you to become part of this learning community.  Better yet, encourage all the teachers in your organization to join and take advantage of the group rateWith every new member, our network becomes better and better.  


AnnMarie Cunningham

Membership Chair

[email protected]


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