2022 CCTM Board Elections

The following are candidates for our 2022 board elections*. Voting will be open from April 18 to April 29th. Members will receive their ballots by email. Be sure to submit your vote!

*Several positions will be uncontested this year. Please see below for details.

President-Elect Candidates

Mary PittmanMary Pittman

TNTP Director of Mathematics
2022 CCTM President-Elect Candidate

About Mary: The Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics is my Colorado math family. I currently serve as President, and I am running for a second term to continue the work we started during the pandemic. CCTM needs to continue to find new ways to support our members. I am proud of the work we did virtually, including webinars, book studies, and an annual conference, and there is so much more we can do. I am excited by the potential of our active and engaged board and members. I see my role as supporting and facilitating the amazing ideas within the community to ensure the future is filled with opportunities for each and every person to claim, "I am a mathematics person!"

Vice President Candidates

Kim SmithKim Smith

Mesa County School District
2022 CCTM Vice President Candidate

About Kim: Educators have been on quite a journey the past few years. During this time my professional efforts pushed my thinking toward strategies to support students and teachers in continuing to thrive, despite the numerous challenges they face. As a long standing member and current Vice President of CCTM, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate, learn from, and serve math educators across the state and beyond. I am inspired and humbled by the work of my colleagues and proud of the efforts and accomplishments of the CCTM board in the midst of the ever changing landscape of math education. While our outreach and support is recognized by many, I know there is much more to do. I would be honored to serve as Vice President of the Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics in order to continue this important work in math education and serve math educators in Colorado.



Secretary Candidates

Lisa RogersLisa Rogers

Fountain-Fort Carson District 8
2022 CCTM Secretary Candidate

About Lisa: I am honored to run for CCTM Secretary. CCTM is an amazing group of math educators, and I am excited to support CCTM as Secretary. The last two years have been incredibly challenging due to the many impacts of the pandemic, and the coming years will provide critical opportunities for mathematics educators. I look forward to supporting educators across the state as we implement best practices to empower all students. This is my 16th year in education, all in Fountain-Fort Carson District 8. I taught middle school mathematics for 9 years, and for the last 7 years, I have been a K-12 math coordinator. I am passionate about expanding my knowledge and capacity around impactful mathematics instruction. My goal is to help others see that math is a beautiful and creative endeavor. When we stop focusing on answer-getting and start focusing on thinking and sense-making, wonderful things happen!

Linda Donaldson

Linda Donaldson

Skoglund Middle School Principal
2022 CCTM Secretary Candidate

About Linda: Hello, my name is Linda Donaldson.  I have taught Middle School Math here at Skoglund Middle School for the past 25 years.  I moved to administration this year becoming the Principal of Skoglund Middle School.  I have been a member of CCTM for many years.  I was honored as a Leadership Award from CCTM in 2019.  One of my greatest strengths is organization and collaboration.  Being a member of this board, I have learned so much from the rest of the board through collaborating with other members.  I am honored to have served as your CCTM Secretary for the past 2 years, learning more about this position, the executive board, and the wonderful work that CCTM offers the math teachers around the state.  It would be a great privilege to continue as your Secretary for the next 2 years.  Thank you for this opportunity to work with all of you.


Treasurer Candidates

Joe BolzJoe Bolz

George Washington High School
2022 CCTM Treasurer Candidate

About Joe: Hey Colorado- Joe Bolz here, current CCTM Treasurer as well as a speaker at different CCTM events, an organizer of CCTM socials, and an Igniter at our CCTM Conferences! I am running to remain in the role of treasurer to continue the work I’ve done. For those that don’t know, I have upgraded out accounting software to fit the needs of the 21st century as well as worked to streamline our budgets to align with the accounting software. Additionally, I have helped run the online events as well as arrange in person socials. I am currently a Math teacher (21 years), department chair, and Instructional coach in Denver Public Schools. I have an amazing wife who teaches high school English and three wonderful children - Tess, Elsa, and Finn!


Region 3 Representative Candidates

Peter ZolaPeter Zola

Laredo Elementary School
2022 CCTM Region 3 Candidate

About Peter: I am running to continue to represent the math educators of Region 3. My experience as a math specialist across the elementary grades drives my desire to build stronger connections between and serve Colorado's math educators. My experiences include participating in educational research in my own classroom, developing authentic math tasks, and engaging professional development for my colleagues. I would be proud to continue to serve Region 3.



Amy Jaster
Amy Jaster

Cherry Creek Instructional Coach
2022 CCTM Region 3 Candidate

About Amy: Working with teachers and students to develop a love of mathematics is an area I am passionate about. I have worked as an instructional coach for the past 6 years and have spent much of my career learning about how children learn mathematics. Contributing to a group that works alongside teachers to continue developing our practice around using equity based practices to assist students in reaching high levels of math proficiency is something I would like to be a part of.



Region 6 Representative Candidates

Tiffany TrevenenTiffany Trevenen

Moffat County School District
2022 CCTM Region 6 Candidate

About Tiffany: The western slope has been my home for 31 years and I would be honored to represent this vast Region 6 community. It is my belief that math is not taught, it’s caught, and it’s our job to provide experiences for students to develop confidence in their mathematical reasoning skills. I have been teaching and learning since 1990 and see the impact the changes in education have had on the profession and the increased need for support such as CCTM provides. As an instructional coach, for the past three years, I am intimately involved in educator support and growth. I help provide professional development for our district. Participating in and facilitating many book studies and providing technology integration sessions with colleagues are side gigs I love. I am a member of the Building Math Minds as well as the CCTM community. It should also be noted that my initials are mathematical